Galaxy S3 & iPhone 5 “Shatterproof” Screen Protectors Arrive at Seidio

Seidio claims its new line of glass screen protectors for the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 are shatterproof thanks to strong tempered glass.

The Vitreo glass screen protectors for the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 are similar to those we’ve seen from Spigen, placing a piece of glass on top of the device’s screen instead of a layer of plastic.

The company claims the new glass screen protector doesn’t change the feel of the device’s display, a common complaint of film screen protectors.

Shatterproof iPhone 5 screen protector

Seidio claims it’s Vitreo iPhone 5 glass screen protector is , “shatterproof”.

A glass screen protector like the Vitreo can absorb the shock and damage of a drop or bump,protecting the Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5 from damage. If the Vitreo is anything like other glass screen protectors it will break under enough stress, but in doing so it can save the device’s display.

The screen protector features an Oleophobic coating that works to prevent smudges and fingerprints on the display.

Because the screen protector is made of glass, the company claims installation is easier, without the bubbling and lifting common when installing film screen protectors.

Galaxy S3 glass screen protector

The Galaxy S3 Vitreo glass screen protector is available in black or white.

The Seidio Vitreo glass screen protector works with the Active case for both phones, and with the ACTIVE Extended case for the Galaxy S3. The screen protector is 0.55mm thick, so it could make the iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3 a tight fit in some cases that wrap around the front of the device.

There’s no word on a Galaxy Note 2 glass screen protector from Vitreo, given the device’s popularity and large screen it wouldn’t be a surprise if one was in the works.

The video below shows the Vitreo glass screen protector installation process. An iPad is used in this example, with an optional home button sticker.

The iPhone 5 Vitreo screen protector is available now for $39.95 and the Galaxy S3 Vitreo is available in white or black for $39.95 as well. These protectors join the Vitreo for iPad, a $69.95 glass screen protector for the iPad 4, iPad 3 and iPad 2.