GBM InkShow: Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader Digital Book Head to Head

  One of the best things I’ve purchased in quite some time was an e-book reader, namely the Amazon Kindle. Being new to the electronic book area, I have found the experience to be quite enjoyable. Sierra, on the other hand, has been using an e-book reader for a long time, namely the Sony Reader Digital Book, and has picked up on the subtle differences between Sony’s Reader Digital Book and Amazon’s Kindle. She used my Kindle for several weeks, and came away with some interesting observations. By the way, it is worth mentioning that I almost didn’t get my Kindle back….

In this InkShow, Sierra and I take them both on a head-to-head comparison, looking at screens, navigation, buttons, contrast, and the book buying experience.

  • Download the high res version ( wmv, 13:30, 103mb )
  • Watch the embedded version below