GBM InkShow: HP Mini 1000 Netbook

I have not been a huge fan of Netbooks, mostly due to the size of the keyboard, screen, and being worried about performance. Having a chance to review the HP Mini 1000 changed that for me, though.

The HP Mini 1000 is a fantastic choice for those wanting something more mobile without wanting to break the bank. I’ve been very impressed with the speed, the comfort of the keyboard, and spacious screen. Fan noise was almost non-existant. The screen is very glossy, and if glossy screens bug you, then the Mini 1000 isn’t for you. Personally, I like the vibrant colors that a glossy screen offers, so I can put up with a bit of screen tilting.

To see the HP Mini 1000 in action, as well as compared to the Asus 901 Eee PC, watch our video InkShow review below. Oh – and stay tuned. Along with 49 other sites, we’ll be giving away this Mini 1000, as well as a massive amount of other computers soon in the HP Magic Giveaway. If you can’t wait, head over to, Costco, or other retailers. Prices start at $399. The unit I reviewed was $499, ran Windows XP Home Edition, had 1GB of RAM, and a 10.2″ screen.

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All GBM InkShows are sponsored by