GBM InkShow: The Athena ArtPC

thomasinartpcthumb It is raining Netbooks in the Crocker/Savaiano household, and who better to check them out than my lovely wife, Thomasin. She does have an affinity for these small devices. She also seems to really like the idea behind Athena’s ArtPC. Athena has developed a process of embedding a design into the cover for their Netbooks that I think will be very attractive to some, especially kids. Thomasin seems to agree and I’m glad they also offer the more traditional skins as well.

There is a catch here though, and you’ll need to watch the InkShow to find out what Thomasin thinks about the size of the keyboard. I also think that our InkShow and Podcast sponsor, will like her way of saying SnagIt. Maybe she’ll end up being a company spokesman for the product. Or maybe we should copyright her approach.

In any regard, enjoy the InkShow.

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Download the InkShow here.

Thanks to the good folks at Athena for letting us evaluate the ArtPC. Check out their products here.

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