Gesture app, StrokeIt, returns from the future

GBM regular fleon shared news in the forum that StrokeIt, a gesture-enabling app for Windows, has returned from the abyss. The news from their website, however, seems to indicate a return from the future.


A glimpse into the future: 16 July, 2009

Yeah, I’m guessing that’s a typo. Regardless, a new version of StrokeIt is presently available to enable all sorts of gesture commands, via mouse, pen and possibly touch, in Windows, including Vista and Windows 7. They also give the option for a portable version, meaning you can use your gestures on other Windows PCs via portable storage unit, such as a flash drive.

I personally keep my use of gestures limited to simple directionals that fit my own intuition, like a leftward swipe for back and counter-clockwise square for reload in Firefox using FireGestures. For all else, I prefer ritePen’s ink macros because I can match commands to the letters and words I already associate with them, such as “ol” or “outlook” for Microsoft Outlook. But to each their own, and I can certainly see the value in a portable gesture library.