Go Hands On The New MacBook and Multi-Touch Trackpad

image JkOnTheRun’s James Kendrick went off and bought the new Apple MacBook and has been posting some great hands-on video and first impressions. Although I only played with the MacBook for about an hour the other day, I agree with James’ first impressions and think they are spot on:

I think it is a good alternative to spending much more money for the bigger MacBook Pro while offering almost everything by way of performance that the expensive one provides.  I do wish this had a Firewire port so I could use it with my camera and I am afraid all of those ports being so close together will end up making it hard, if not impossible, to hook up a lot of peripherals.  It would have been better if those could have been spread out more and some of them moved to the opposite side perhaps.  I am definitely finding this MacBook to have been worth the money, although it would be nicer if it was somewhat cheaper for sure.