Great idea: Capacitive touchscreen, no bezel

500x_islate_02Okay, I might owe Freescale an apology for wondering aloud if the bezel on their tablet design is too wide, as I have been reminded this morning that going the other direction can be even worse. I refer to Jesus Diaz of Gizmodo sharing his dream of an Apple iSlate, which looks highly elegant but…

Apple iSlate should be this simple. With an aluminum or white polycarbonate body, perhaps even rubberized, and no bezel whatsoever, with a very thin black frame.

Yep, “no bezel whatsoever.” Now, I do realize such a design looks really cool, but assuming it has a capacitive touchscreen, how exactly is one supposed to handle it without accidentally triggering something the screen on a regular basis? Sure, it’d be easy enough to vise between two hands, but unless it floats, it will need to be grabbed by one hand every now and then, and it’s not realistic to turn off the screen in every instance (not that the concept includes the screen lock button).

Sorry, dude. It’s a pretty picture, but unless ergonomic defiance has become a good thing, I would not call this concept “exactly how this thing should be,” particularly since the power button, speakers, and charging port also weren’t considered. Definitely not the right time to use the term “exactly.”