Griffin’s new iOS Helicopter Looks Awesome, Just $50

The Griffin Helo TC is a new remote control helicopter that you can control with your iPhone. Best of all, at $50 its way more affordable than the AR.Drone, which means you don’t need to have any qualms about asking for it on your next wishlist.

The Helo TC is controlled via a free iPhone app that sends signals over your phone’s headphone jack to the adapter, and eventually on to the helicopter.

You control the helicopter with an on-screen joystick and tilt your device to steer. While we’d have to go hands on to be certain, these controls look more intuitive than those on the $30 RC helicopters at the mall.

You can use the app to record flights you take, so that you can repeat your favorite flights. I’m not sure I’d use this feature, but it’s interesting to have on hand.

Another neat feature is the easy land function which lets you land with a tap instead of trying to bring the Helo down slowly when the boss turns the corner.

Griffin Helo TC

The Griffin Helo TC is just $50 and is controlled from your iPhone.

You can hit up Griffin to see more on the Helo TC from Griffin, but it is currently out of stock. You can enter your email address to get stock updates.

I’d prefer a WiFi one, and one that works with Android, but for $50 the Helo TC looks pretty tempting.