H1Siri Could Kill Your iPhone, Compromise Data

By now, you’ve probably heard of H1Siri, a hack that allows you to put Siri on your jailbroken iPhone 4.

This is exciting news for users who want access to the much-lauded personal assistant app found exclusively on the iPhone 4. But, like many things, this is too good to be true.

The H1Siri hack comes after Steven Troughton-Smith first ported Siri to the iPhone 4, but didn’t release it because it used files he could not distribute.

H1Siri comes by way of a Chinese hacking group, CD-Dev Team, and if you like your data and your iPhone, you should pay attention.

Right after the H1Siri hack was unveiled, commenters reported having issues with the installation, but download errors are the least of your concerns.

Siri iconIn order for H1Siri to work, it must connect to a server, in this case the CD-Dev Team server. This means that all of the phone data that Siri has access to is being shared with this server. That includes your contacts, calendar, texts, emails, location and more.

But wait, there’s more. There are reports that the H1Siri app can kill your iPhone 4. if you brick your iPhone 4 with the H1Siri hack, you could very easily forfeit your warranty, since you won’t be able to restore your iPhone to factory settings before taking it into Apple.

If your iPhone does survive the installation, you can look forward to other issues like settings malfunctioning and problems turning on.

Is Siri an awesome tool? Yes. Is it worth breaking your iPhone 4 to get? Not for most users.

While I use Siri on a daily basis, I wouldn’t take the chance with my data and my iPhone on this specific Siri hack. Perhaps when we have an iPhone 4S Jailbreak Troughton-Smith will be able to release a version that won’t kill your iPhone and compromise your data.

Via VentureBeat