Head to Head with the Viliv S5 and Viliv X70

vilivjk The Viliv S5 UMPC has certainly captured a lot of attention and it looks the Viliv X70 will as well as Dynamism has announced that the 7 inch X70 (the S5 has a 5 inch screen) will be available for the same price of $599. James Kendrick has been giving them both a once over and has put together a comparison video that shows the differences and similarities between the two devices.

Following along in the comments to the post you’ll see that what I have suspected that the digitizers in the Viliv devices are not the best for Inking, Too bad for the Inkers. Either of these devices look like they would be a handy note taking device if you could really use them for Inking. I’m sure that won’t dampen the enthusiasm many have for the device, but for us Inkers it diminishes it a bit.