How Apple Convinced Me Not to Buy a Bigger iPad

Today, Apple convinced me to give them $100 less than I wanted to.

It began last night when our editor Josh Smith and I had a Twitter conversation that made me think about changing my iPad preorder from the 32GB model to the 64GB.

As I said in our team post about why we picked the various models of the new iPad 3rd gen, I went with the 32GB model because my 64GB iPad 2 seldom filled up more than about 30GB of storage. Why pay the extra $100 for the 64GB when I’m not using it now? I could actually use less storage, but I don’t because I load it up knowing I have plenty of storage.

Ipad preorder

Then, Josh tweeted: “Beginning to think I should’ve gotten 64GB iPad.” I began to think I might have messed up too so I tweeted back.

My conversation with @Josh_Smith on Twitter

The higher resolution display means most apps that take advantage of the retina display’s 4X resolution will take up more space. Do the math. They doubled the resolution both horizontally and vertically, which equals four times the pixels.

To illustrate this, I took one of my vacation photos from last summer. I opened it in Photoshop and sized it to fit the exact resolution of the new iPad (2048×1536) and saved it in highest quality. It takes up 1.969MB as a JPG file on my hard drive. I then sized it to fit the current and first gen iPads (1024×768) and it only takes up .675MB or less than a third of the storage.

If you have an iPad and use some of Apple’s apps like iMovie, GarageBand and others, you know that Apple just updated them. They take up more storage with higher resolution art.

After doing these tests, I panicked and called Apple this morning to ask if I could change my pre-order from 32GB to 64GB. The nice rep on the other line said that all he could do was cancel the order and I’d have to get back in line. He said yesterday many people were still ordering and getting a March 16th ship date, now the new iPad pre-orders are sold out for March 16th delivery.

New iPad Now Available for Pre-Order at Radio Shack

Instead of trying to up-sell me on the more expensive model, he reminded me of something.

Video takes up more storage than apps. If you download a few HD movies to an iPad, one or two of those may take up more space than all of your apps combined. With iCloud you can now store your movies on Apple’s servers and download them only when you want them. That will take up much less space. Only those who often move outside Wi-Fi for long periods should worry about this. You don’t want to download a 1080p movie on 3G or 4G. It will destroy you monthly data allotment.

Similarly, music and apps are stored in iCloud. You don’t need to load up the iPad with them. Just stream the music as you want it.

I’ll keep only the movies, songs and apps I really use now that I have less storage. My day-to-day workflow won’t change.

I’m concerned about picture storage. I plan to use my iPad more for viewing and even editing photos with the high res screen and iPhoto. I’ll just use it for photo storage temporarily before offloading my shots to my Mac.

I’m sticking with the 32GB iPad and Apple will get less of my money than they might have.

It’s all because of some good customer-centered service.