How Much Does Build Quality Affect Your Mobile Gadget Purchase?

nokia_booklet_3g_retail_packaging_slashgear_9-540x375Interesting discussion going on prompted in part by Michael Gartenberg’s post on SlashGear about the Nokia Booklet 3G. He lists four reasons (style, quality, indulgence, battery life) why it is worth buying, even at a steeper price than most Netbooks. In doing so he says this about performance issues:

So I’m not going to discuss the relatively slow processor or hard drive. We can agree that the Booklet isn’t a speed demon.

Granted smart consumers realize that Netbooks aren’t performance based purchases. That said, I’m wondering how much style, build quality, and indulgence might play a factor with in your minds, fellow GBM readers. I have to admit, the low cost of many Netbooks have often made me think of them as disposable purchases, and consequently as I have been examining them, build quality has taken a back seat to issues like price and keyboard size. My observation is this, if I’m going to drop more than $400 on a Netbook, I’m probably going to opt for something with more performance capability than a Netbook. Again, I’m not a Netbook user, so my perspective may be totally different than yours.

So, what do you think? How do Gartenberg’s 4 reasons figure into your decision process?