How to Fix Galaxy Note 2 WiFi Problems in 5 Seconds

There’s a quick fix for many Galaxy Note 2 WiFi problems, such as slow or disconnecting WiFi and even not being able to connect to any WiFi networks.

If you suffer from slow or disconnecting WiFi speeds on the Galaxy Note 2 there’s no need to blow through your mobile data with 4G LTE. We suggest a three-step process to fix WiFi problems in seconds.

This three-part process can solve many Galaxy Note 2 WiFi issues, but it cure every problem. In addition to checking the settings on the Galaxy Note 2, it’s a good idea to restart your router if possible.

Galaxy Note 2 WiFi Problems

Galaxy Note 2 WiFi problems frustrate owners.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 2 WiFi Problems

If you haven’t already done so, restart the Galaxy Note 2. This alone won’t always fix slow or disconnecting WiFi, but it’s the right place to start.

After the reboot, turn WiFi off and back on. To do this, pull down the notification bar, Tap on the Settings Cog in the upper right, Tap the On next to WiFi to turn it off. Then repeat to turn it back on.

Fix Galaxy Note 2 WiFi Problems

Quick fix for Galaxy Note 2 WiFi Problems.

The next step is to make sure the Galaxy Note 2 is set to keep WiFi on during sleep. Many Note 2 owners will find that this setting is already on, but if it’s not it could be the cause of WiFi problems.

  • Go back to the WiFi settings page and tap on Menu.
  • Tap on Advanced
  • Tap on Keep WiFi on during sleep.
  • Check Always.

On this same screen make sure Auto-connect is not checked. This is known to cause issues on the Galaxy S3.

Other Galaxy Note 2 WiFi fixes include switching from a 5Ghz WiFi network to a 2.4Ghz WiFi network. This solved our WiFi problems on another Galaxy smartphone.

The last-ditch solution to fix Galaxy Note 2 WiFi problems takes longer than five seconds, but it’s worth trying if the Note 2 will not connect to any WiFi networks. This is a factory reset. Unfortunately this means reinstalling all apps and setting up accounts so only do this after you’re sure you’ve backed up photos and information.

When ready, tap on Settings -> Back up and reset -> Factory data reset. From here confirm this is what you want to do, and wait for the process to complete.