How to get rid of the Newsstand Icon in iOS5

I’ve been out of the iOS game for a little bit and haven’t done any updates on my iPad since last November. In the last 2 weeks, I have set up 2 iPhones, updated my iPad to iOS5, and today I set up my son’s new iPod Touch. In doing all this, I have noticed a pattern. The annoying Newsstand Icon. I tried deleting it, I tried moving it, and just gave up. When I was setting my son’s new iPod up, I wanted to get most anything that might tempt him to use out of sight so I searched for a way to get rid of this icon.

I found a post right here on GottaBeMobile by Josh letting us know that about this annoying icon which is technically a folder. He said, “Don’t Want Newsstand? Too bad“, but the good news is that a commenter shared the secret on how to move the icon to a folder. This isn’t really “getting rid” of the icon, but at least we can get it out of sight.

I tried it on my son’s iPod and it still works.

I then moved to my wife and daughter’s iPhone 4s and got them out of sight too.

Here’s how you can hide the Newsstand Icon into a folder:

  1. Group up a couple of icons you want to create a folder with. I used other utilities that would rarely get used. Group two other icons and the Newsstand Icon close together on one screen.
  2. Next, create a folder with the two other icons and QUICKLY drop the Newsstand Icon into the folder as it’s being created. Timing is key here.
  3. Success. Now you have this icon hidden away out of sight.


  1. Apple will probably fix this glitch eventually.
  2. Don’t do this if you actually plan to use Newsstand. If you try to run it from the folder, it locks up your device and sends you back to your unlock screen.

Here’s a quick video demonstrating the glitch.

Merry Christmas GottaBeMobile!