How To Update Your Facebook Status With Siri

The brand new iPhone 4S comes with Siri, an amazing personal assistant that can do a lot of things by voice command.

Unfortunately, Siri is still in the early stages of development, which means it cannot access your apps and every part of your iPhone.

I showed you how to tweet with Siri, and now, I am going to show you how to set up Facebook so that you can update your status with Siri as well.

Hopefully Siri will be able to launch apps and perform complex commands in the near future, but until then, you can text your Facebook status update with Siri.

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How To Post to Facebook with Siri

Because Siri can send text messages, you need to enable your iPhone 4S on your Facebook account.

1. Log in to Facebook and click on the arrow next to Home.

2. Choose Settings – > Mobile (or click this link)

Facebook Siri

Link your iPhone 4S to your Facebook account.

3. If your phone number isn’t already added to Facebook, add it by following the on screen prompts.

Post to Facebook With Siri Verification

Enter the code that Facebook sends to your iPhone.

4. You’ll need to text Facebook and then enter a verification code so that you are the only one that can post on your account.

5. Add Facebook as a contact on your iPhone. I find that Siri does better if you add Facebook as a first name, rather than as a business.

6. Add the number 32665 to the Facebook contact.

7. Press and hold the home button for 2 seconds.

8. When Siri dings, Say, “Text Facebook, followed by your status update.”

How to post to Facebook with Siri

How to post to Facebook with Siri

9. You’ll need to keep your update under 160 characters and you need to speak punctuation.

10. Siri Will show you the message, and ask for confirmation. Press confirm, or say yes, to post to Facebook.

Post to Facebook With Siri

Sample Facebook status, made with Siri.

These status updates will appear on your Facebook timeline just as if you used the iPhone app or posted on your computer. This is a handy way to update Facebook while you are on the go.