HP Slate: New Promo Video Shows Dual Cameras, Content Creation & Sharing

HP CTO Phil McKinney blogged today about the HP Slate device and shared a promo video of the PC company’s upcoming slate device. Just as I’m getting settled in with my iPad, I find myself lusting after the HP device. The HP Slate has dual cameras, which means you can video chat via Skype or shoot photos and videos of what’s in front of you.

McKinney pointed out that consuming content is only part of the mobile story. I agree. While I’ve found it fun to use my iPad over the past couple of days, I keep on running into ‘gotchas.’ Since the iPad isn’t a full-fledged computer, I can’t use my web browser of choice, grab pictures and video off of my camera or multi-task.

The HP Slate will run Windows 7 and run any application you choose.  In the video, it’s clear that iTunes can be installed on the HP Slate and that you’ll be able to sync your iPod, iPhone or (gasp…) iPad with it. Firefox is also installed on the device, which means you can personalize your web browser experience to your liking. Got an app that you like on your Tablet PC, netbook or notebook? It’ll work on the HP Slate.

It’ll be easier to get photos and video onto the HP Slate since it has an SD card slot. You’ll also be able to use external displays, such as your HDTV.

The HP Slate has a lot of advantages over the iPad, but it obviously lacks all those iPad apps and all the hype that only Apple seems able to create.