HP Tablets, TouchSmart PCs on Cable TV

HP’s promoting tablets and touch computing during the upcoming season of Project Runway. It’s not a show I watch, but it’s nice to see that at least one PC company is putting in some extra effort promoting Tablet PCs and touchscreen computing to consumers.

HP will be promoting the TouchSmart tm2 convertible tablet and its TouchSmart all-in-one machines on the fashion design show. Interestingly, the show’s contestants aren’t being forced to use the tablets and have the option to stick with pen, pencils and paper.

As much as I dislike the Lifetime Network, which carries Project Runway, this is exactly the kind of thing that has to happen if companies want consumers to understand the capabilities of tablets. I’m a fan of HP, but their sponsorship of the show and Lifetime means that the network will probably be able to afford to make another movie that my wife will love and I’ll be forced to sit through it.

Here’s a promo clip from the show that shows how the designers are using the tablets. If you’re into fashion or reality shows you can check out the new series starting tonight.