HP To Offer Battery That Will Last 3 Years

HP will be offering a notebook battery on selected notebooks that will supposedly last 3 years without any degradation in performance. Called the Enviro battery by HP, this was in development for 3 years by Boston Power under the name Sonata.

The battery is designed to go through 1000 recharge cycles before seeing any signs of degradation, the rough equivalent of more than 1 a day for 3 years. As a comparison, current batteries start showing degradation after about 300 charge cycles. It can supposedly be charged to 80$ within 30 minutes. HP will offer the batteries with a 3-year warranty and they’ll be priced $20 to $30 higher than non-Enviro batteries. Users can select it during customization and initially only in the US.

No word on which models this will be available for as of yet.

Via InfoWorld