iCloud.com Now Includes Notes And Reminders

After it announced the iPhone 5 and the release date for iOS 6 Apple quietly updated the iCloud website to include a few features that sync with the service.

The updated iCloud.com now includes Notes and Reminders which started out as iOS-only apps, but now sync across most Apple devices. Apple brought both apps to the Mac with Mountain Lion a few months ago. The apps already sync across devices with iCloud, but now users can also access them through any web browser.

The web versions of both apps look just like their iOS and Mac counterparts, made to fit into a web browser. Notes uses the same view as it does when it’s in full screen mode on a Mac or in landscape mode on an iPad.


Reminders looks a bit strange when made to fill a whole browser window, but it doesn’t take away any functionality.

Now that Apple put both services into iCloud they’re a bit closer to competing with Evernote. Notes and Reminders lack a lot of the functionality of Evernote, but for users who only use the service for storing notes Apple’s solution is now a viable alternative because users can access their content from any desktop or laptop.

What Evernote has over iCloud is the ability to put images into notes. Evernote also has OCR technology which lets users search for text within images. We don’t know if Apple ever plans to let users include images in Notes, but until it does Evernote is still the service of choice for users that work with a lot of images.

The new iCloud.com also include an improved webmail client, contacts, calendar, Find My iPhone, and the ability to download iWork documents.