I’m Not Sure I Want 3D TV in my Living Room

3d2_wideweb__470x379,0One of the big trends at CES2010 obviously was 3D TV. From what I saw it was everywhere and as big a story as Tablet/Slate/eBook Readers were. Friday night at our last big gathering of the annual family pilgrimage to Chicago, we had a number of friends over from the various chapters of my wife’s and my lives in Chicago. It was a lovely get together and most of the folks, aware of my gadget addiction were asking me not about Tablets but about all the 3D TV coverage they were seeing in the mainstream media.

This prompted a response from me where I said I’m not sure I want 3D TV in my living room. I said I didn’t think I wanted to see autopsy’s on CSI in 3D. Well, this started a little round robin of all of the shows or types of shows we wouldn’t want to see in 3D in our living rooms. Now granted, just because the displays would make it possible, doesn’t mean each and every studio or production company would be cranking out 3D content. Sure we’ll see sports events and the like, but think about it for a second. There is a ton of stuff on the boob tube that should never be busting out of our screens.

Some of my favorites from our round table were:

  • CSI autopsy
  • Local Car Commercials
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • Any Talking Head news show
  • Adult TV
  • Any Reality TV Series
  • House
  • Commercials of any stripe

What TV programs would you want to see or not want to see invade your living room in 3D?