Ink demo of the Dagi stylus on Lenovo S10-3t

On his freshly minted blog HGGADGETS, Hector Gomez is churning out the videos of his new Lenovo S10-3t convertible tablet in action. His latest shows off the ink action on the capacitive touchscreen using a Dagi stylus.

The video starts with the Dagi being removed straight from the box without prep or practice beforehand, giving us a realistic example of ease of use and slight learning curve involved. The Dagi is unique in that it has a transparent tip with a red dot on the end to act as a pseudo-cursor. Enables the user to see what he’s poking, but as Hector points out, the stylus must be held at the right angle in order to keep the dot on target. He also does some comparison against the Pogo Sketch and its soft rounded tip.

Overall, I find the demo to be quite enlightening and gave me much food for thought as I ponder capacitive stylus choices. Coincidentally, I pulled the trigger on a Dagi of my own this weekend, so I may have some counter opinion soon (though only on my iPhone).