Instagram for Android Registration Open – Early Access to App?

Instagram for Android is on the way, the company has made that clear on several occasions, but now it’s a bit more official.

The Instagram Android app isn’t available to download yet, but you can sign up to b the first to know about the launch of Instagram on Android.

The Instagram Android sign-up page is sparse on details, but it promises to put you “first in line for Instagram on Android.”

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All you need to do is hand over your email address. There are two possibilities at play here.

Instagram might be collecting email addresses to send out an announcement email blast when the Instagram Android app is released on Google Play.

Instagram Android SIGNUP

Sign up for Instagram's Android app.

Even better, is that this list could be used to expand the private beta testing of Instagram for Android with a larger beta test for users who have registered to be, “first in line.”

It’s easier for Android developers to offer a large-scale beta test because they can distribute apps outside of the official app store. If Instagram goes this route, the company could announce the Instagram for Android beta test and offer a link to download the Instagram.apk file, that users could install on their phones.

Earlier this month, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom promised that Instagram for Android will be, “better than our iOS app.”

Bold claims for an app that has 27 million registered users and a thriving photo social network. Instagram has a huge following on iOS, where users are treated to great cameras, but most Android phones have poor cameras in comparison.

You might think that this is a downside for Instagram, but as K.T. Bradford explains, when you use filters to turn a low quality photo into an Instagram’d photo you actually improve the photo.

If you can’t wait, check out Streamzoo, a free app that offers Instagram like filters and an online sharing community.

Are you tired of waiting for Instagram on Android? How are you planning to use Instagram on Android?