iOS 6 No Longer Requires Passwords For Free Apps

Apple us making it just a bit easier to download free apps in iOS 6 by not making users put in their password every time.

According to Cult of Mac, in the most recent beta of iOS 6, free apps no longer require a password to download. Users simply need to tap install and the app will start downloading to the device. It’s a small feature, but a potentially big usability change for many users.

The same report says previous version of iOS 6 don’t require passwords for downloading updates or apps the user already purchased. That means the only time users will have to put in their password is when they’re buying new apps. Again, it’s a relatively small change, but one that seems like Apple should have made years ago.

iPhone and iPad users still need their passwords for paid apps and in-app purchases. We assume Apple will still have the same option to only require the password once every 15 minutes. Either way, it should mean users don’t have to worry about passwords much any more.

The change is actually a great one for parents who give their children iOS devices. Now the kids can download updates and free games all they want, without ever needing a password. That way, the parents can put a safe password on the device without the kids knowing it.

With the current method, parents either need to trust their kids with the iTunes passwords, or input it themselves for everything. Hopefully this will help decrease the number of stories about kids unknowingly buying hundreds or thousands of dollars of games and in-app purchases.