iOS 6 Rumors: Do Not Disturb, VIP Mail, Safari Tab Synchronization Across Platforms

With Apple’s WWDC developer conference coming up this month, rumors are swirling high on what Apple may introduce for its mobile iOS platform. Previously, we’ve heard that iOS 6 may mark a further split between Google and Apple as Apple is looking to replace Google Maps with its own mapping solution, which was first seen on the iPhoto app for iOS. Now, we’re hearing about some possible new features that may be introduced with iOS 6, including a do not disturb feature, VIP mail, and Safari tab synchronization across different platforms.

Do not disturb would be a settings inside iOS 6 that allows users to quickly toggle. This would silence notifications, alerts, and sounds on the device without requiring users to manually toggle individual settings for push notifications, alerts, and sounds. Like toggling airplane mode on an iPhone, users would need to go into the settings and slide the toggle manually and the feature will be great for students to quickly silence their devices in class to avoid interruptions or distractions or businesspeople in meetings. Another good use would be in the car. With states passing hands-free laws, this would help to prevent distraction while a driver is behind the wheel.

VIP mail would be a feature ported from the Mail app on the OS X side. With VIP mail, users can select contacts that are important and this would help to organize email so that users could quickly identify email from important contacts that require more immediate attention. If an email from an important person comes through, it would get a star next to it. The feature sounds similar to Google’s Priority Inbox in Gmail.

And lastly, iCloud Tab would help users manage their opened Safari tabs on different devices and platforms. Here’s what 9to5 Mac has to say about the feature:

iCloud Tabs is a feature that allows iCloud users to view a list of tabs opened in the Safari web browser across multiple iOS devices and Macs. Although previously rumored, iCloud Tabs is not a feature – in its initial implementation in iOS 6 and Mountain Lion – that syncs your entire current web browser work across devices. When the iCloud Tabs button is clicked on an iOS 6 device (or Mac), all the tabs opened on each device are simply shown in a synchronized list. From here, users can quickly pickup individual tabs that they were working on across their Apple devices. The iCloud Tabs button on the iPhone and iPod touch is hidden behind the Bookmarks toolbar.