iOS 7.1 Release Poised to Fix 5 Big iOS 7 Problems

The iOS 7.1 release is weeks away according to the latest rumors. Thanks to the iOS 7.1 beta program developers are already using the new software and we know many iOS 7 problems that iOS 7.1 will fix.

iPhone and iPad users continue to complain about iOS 7 problems that appeared in September and with various iOS 7.0.x updates in the past several months, hoping for the iOS 7.1 release to fix big and small issues.

Apple promised an update is in the works to fix what many iPhone users would describe as the iOS 7 problem, a random crash that leaves the phone unusable for 10 seconds to a minute while it reboots part of the device, but that’s not all.

Conflicting reports suggest the iOS 7.1 release date is set for February or March. At this point it’s not clear exactly when it will arrive, but it can’t come soon enough for many users.

Here is a look at the biggest iOS 7 problems that the iOS 7.1 release should fix based on Apple’s announcements and the developer betas.

iOS 7 Crash Issue is Gone

Apple publicly promised to fix the iOS 7 crash issue that shows users a black or white screen and prevents them from using the iPhone for up to a minute. Unlike some crashing issues we’ve seen in the past this is a major iOS 7 problem that can strike while on a call, trying to take a photo or just browsing the web. It is a big problem for Apple and is frustrating many regular iPhone owners that have not seen this much crashing before.

The biggest iOS 7.1 fix is to crashing issues.

The biggest iOS 7.1 fix is to crashing issues.

For users that are on the iOS 7.1 beta, the crashes are almost gone and the small number of crashes that do happen can be chalked up to beta issues rather than a continuation of the iOS 7 crash bug.

iOS 7 Performance on iPad and iPhone

Apple is pushing iOS 7 performance in the right direction with the iOS 7.1 release. Users with older iPads often complain about lag and other slow performance issues on iOS 7. With the iOS 7.1 release Apple is bringing a faster, ore streamlined version of iOS 7 that should help users with older hardware enjoy a better experience.

Apple is speeding up the animations on iOS 7.1 which delivers a much better experience for users on older hardware. The iPad 3 does not run iOS 7 very well for many users, but iOS 7.1 helps deliver a better user experience.

Consistent Design in iOS 7 & iOS 7.1

The iOS 7.1 release will bring the a small number of visual changes to iOS 7, making for a more consistent overall look while using the iPhone or iPad. The average user may not notice all of them, but critics were quick to point out parts of the iOS 7 update that did not match the new look completely.

The iOS 7.1 update will bring a few more visual changes.

The iOS 7.1 update will bring a few more visual changes.

Apple changed the look of the following features, screens and functions.

  • Incoming Call Screen
  • Phone App Buttons
  • Easier Control of Motion on Backgrounds
  • New Shut Down Screen
  • New buttons in the Music App

There are various other small iOS 7.1 update design changes that offer a new look and better fit in with iOS 7’s design. Don’t expect a complete overhaul to the look of iOS 7, just an experience that feels more complete.

Location Tracking

iOS 7 did not allow apps that a user kills to continue tracking location in the background. To some users this may be a good thing, but to users counting on an app’s ability to track the phone’s location no matter what it is a problem.

Life360 is a location tracking app that allows families to track and share location information with each other. After the iOS 7 update arrived the team found that it was possible for a user to kill an app and not realize that the service could no longer track location information. The CEO of Life360 sent an email to Tim Cook on behalf of his company and other Apple developers and VentureBeat reports that Apple is adding the needed functionality back in iOS 7.1 as of the iOS 7.1 beta released earlier this month.

A Better Keyboard

The iOS 7.1 keyboard is a step up from the iOS 7 keyboard thanks to more contrast and several other key changes. Apple does not allow third-party keyboards on the iPhone for the main keyboard, which makes these changes even more important.

The keyboard is improved in iOS 7.1

The keyboard is improved in iOS 7.1

In addition to changing the contrast to make it easier to see the keys and the space between them Apple changes the shift and delete keys for easier use. If you routinely hit the delete key when you don’t want to on iOS 7 or can’t tell if the shift key is on, you are not alone. The iOS 7.1 keyboard is much easier to use.