iOS 8.0.2 on iPhone 5: Impressions and Performance

A little more than a week after releasing iOS 8 for iPhone and iPad, Apple’s released a brand new update dubbed iOS 8.0.2. The update is a small bug fix update aimed at fixing iOS 8 problems and here, we take a look at how the new iOS 8.0.2 update for iPhone 5 is looking thus far.

Last week, Apple released the iOS 8 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to the public. As expected, the update delivered a number of big time changes including improvements to the Photos app, iMessage, battery usage, accessibility, and more. The iOS 8 isn’t the massive overhaul that was iOS 7 but it’s still a very worthwhile update for owners of the iPhone and iPad.

Over the past week, we’ve spent quality time with the iOS 8 update for the iPhone and iPad and like many of you, we ran into some troublesome bugs and issues. iOS 8 problems have been prevalent in the days after the initial iOS 8 release and they prompted Apple to roll out two brand new iOS 8 updates to get a handle on them.

The first was iOS 8.0.1, an update that rolled out on Wednesday and immediately caused problems for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users. Cellular connections were lost and Touch ID stopped working. Apple claims that about 40,000 people were affected before it pulled the plug on the update about an hour or so after its arrival.

Yesterday, Apple made good on its promise to fix those issues. In the late afternoon, Apple pushed out iOS 8.0.2, an update similar to iOS 8.0.1 but one that came with fixes for those iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus problems. Like the good guinea pigs that we are, we immediately installed the update across several iPhones and iPads in an effort to deliver feedback.

Here, we want to take a first look at the iOS 8.0.2 update on the iPhone 5, Apple’s aging former flagship and a device that’s still in the hands of people all over the world.

Installing iOS 8.0.2

On Wednesday, I was one of a few people that installed the iOS 8.0.1 update on my iPhone 5. I say one of a few because Apple pulled the iOS 8.0.1 update about an hour after its release. For a little more than 24 hours my iPhone 5 was on iOS 8.0.1 and as I suggested in my first impressions, I liked the performance I was getting from Apple’s first bug fixer.

Needless to say, I was a little scared of yesterday’s iOS 8.0.2 update. The iOS 8.0.1 update was working fine, just fine, on my iPhone 5 and little updates like iOS 8.0.2 have a tendency to break things.


I would up taking the plunge and installed Apple’s iOS 8.0.2 update on the iPhone 5. The update was extremely small, around 15MB, though the installation process took a lot longer than I thought it would.

For whatever reason, the iOS 8.0.2 install got caught on the “Verifying Update” stage for a good five to seven minutes. I believe that a hard reset fixes this problem though without a working power button, I’m unable to manually reset or turn off my phone. Ultimately, the process took about 20 minutes or so to complete and now, my iPhone 5 is running iOS 8.0.2.

iOS 8.0.2 Performance

When it comes to the performance of iOS updates like iOS 8.0.2, I like to look at five different areas in particular. Those areas are: Applications and how they’re performing post update, battery life and whether there is abnormal drain, random bugs or hiccups, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth performance, and overall speed. After spending some quality time with the iOS 8.0.2 update for iPhone 5, here’s what I’ve found.


As noted in my first impressions last week, I’ve been having a ton of app problems on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s. I’ve seen numerous crashes and general instability with Google Chrome. Spotify and Soundcloud, two apps that I use a lot, randomly crashed without warning after the iOS 8 update. Facebook and Twitter have both crashed as well.

In iOS 8.0.2, I haven’t seen any crashes, at least not yet. Chrome is working beautifully and so are my other key applications including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, Spotify, Soundcloud, Google Maps, Google Hangouts, Pandora, The Weather Channel App, and YouTube. All of these apps are performing beautifully, at least right now. There’s a chance that they could act up in the days and weeks ahead. I’ve seen it before.

iPhone 5

If you are dealing with iOS 8 app crashes, try updating your applications. Developers are slowly releasing iOS 8 compatibility updates that should help to fix at least some of the issues that you may be dealing with.

iOS 8.0.2 Battery Life

So far, iOS 8.0.2 has been treating my iPhone 5’s battery well. I haven’t run into any abnormal battery drain, I’m not noticing any slow charging issues, and things seem to be holding up quite well after the move from iOS 8.0 to iOS 8.0.1 to the iOS 8.0.2 update. This is fantastic given how old the iPhone 5 is.

While I’m not dealing with any issues yet, I know that there are some people that are.

If you are experiencing abnormal battery life after installing iOS 8.0.1, you’ll want to check out our iOS 8 battery life tips. These tips could help to alleviate iOS 8 battery life issues on your iPhone 5 going forward though, as is the case with any unofficial fixes, your mileage will vary.


Wi-Fi, 4G LTE on AT&T, and Bluetooth are all working normally after the iOS 8.0.2 update for iPhone 5. This is key because I’ve been hearing complaints about broken Wi-Fi. The cellular data issues that impacted the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus did not impact the iPhone 5.


If you are experiencing issues with Wi-Fi, and I know more than a few iPhone 5 users are, you will want to check out our potential fixes for those iOS 8 Wi-Fi issues. They aren’t a cure all but they have worked out well for some users.

iOS 8.0.2 Bugs & Issues

Over the course of the last week, I’ve run into a series of issues with iOS 8. iOS 8 problems are prevalent amongst iPhone owners and unfortunately, I’ve run into some problems of my own.

The issues were small but annoying. They included keyboard lag and crashes when using the Mail application. FaceTime Audio also has been a pain point though I am certain that these problems probably have to do with connection strength on Wi-Fi and LTE and not with iOS 8.

Like iOS 8.0.1, iOS 8.0.2 is performing remarkably well on my iPhone 5. The keyboard is a whole lot smoother though it still feels cramped on 4-inch display and the Mail application has yet to crash. I’ve used both extensively over the past few hours though, again, there’s a chance that these issues spout up in the days ahead.


In iOS 8.0, I experienced random lock ups and freezes that made my iPhone 5 unusable at times. I haven’t noticed these problems in iOS 8.0.2, at least not yet. The update is extremely fast and fluid out of the gate and I haven’t noticed any abnormal issues with animations or transitions. iOS 8 looks and feels as fast as iOS 7.1.

Should You Install iOS 8.0.2?

If you’re dealing with iOS 8.0 issues, it’s probably worth the install. My iPhone 5 performance got a noticeable boost from the iOS 8.0.1 and iOS 8.0.2 updates and there’s a chance that yours might too. It also helps that I’ve yet to encounter any catastrophic bugs or issues inside Apple’s new update. Right now, it appears to be stable.


If iOS 8.0 is running flawlessly on your iPhone 5, you might want to consider waiting. Apple never forces you to install and update and if you’re nervous, you could always wait a few days or a few weeks to see how the update is performing after a long stretch.