iPad 2 Beats the Xoom and Original iPad in Benchmarks

Anandtech, known for doing great performance benchmarks of tech, put the iPad 2, Motorola Xoom and original iPad through a battery of tests and found that the iPad 2 blows the socks off the other two entries. As part of their comprehensive review, they tested the tablets and found that the iPad 2 is more than double the speed of the Xoom and nearly five times faster than the first iPad in graphics tests.


Steve Jobs said that video tests would show a 9X improvement. We didn’t believe that, but seeing that it is nearly 5X faster is amazing. Our review showed that it was noticeably faster. And when Xavier reviewed the Xoom, one of the things that led him to return it was the beta-like feel of the tablet.


What does this mean for the average user? It means that if you have one of the new iPads, you won’t have to wait as much to see it respond to your fingers. If you got a Xoom, you may be disappointed. And if you have an original iPad, you will enjoy the upgrade.