iPad owners: Microsoft wants to study your brain

If you own and use an iPad, live near the Redmond, WA area, and have a couple hours to spare, Microsoft wants you! Per a Facebook event posted by Microsoft User Research, Microsoft wants to get feedback from iPad users for purposes unknown. Perhaps for a new keyboard design.

Microsoft User Research is looking for iPad owners for an upcoming study to get feedback. This study will be two hours long and will take place on the Microsoft Redmond campus with a number of dates and times between Friday, July 16th and Wednesday, July 21st.

In appreciation for your time, each participant will be offered a Microsoft gratuity item.

If you are interested, please respond to the questions below to uccoord@microsoft.com with the subject line “iPad”:

• Name/Age
• Phone Number
• Job Title/Company
• Are you employed full time?
• Are you a student?
• Do you own an iPad?

I guess that ban they’ve tried to impose on non-Microsoft products has limited their ability to research rivals in-house. Look forward to seeing new tablet functionality based on their analysis and research of how other people use tablets.

Via TechCrunch