iPhone 4 Reviews Trickling In

The first volley of iPhone 4 reviews are hitting the Internet tonight and will show up on newsstands tomorrow. The reviews are overwhelming positive as Apple, which isn’t a huge surprise. Josh’s put together a nice roundup of the first few iPhone 4 reviews over at Notebobooks.com and will be adding to the list over the next couple of days.

Reviewers are pretty excited about Facetime, but are still experiencing problems with AT&T’s network. While the iPhone 4 is designed for improved reception, don’t expect any miracles compared to your iPhone 3GS.

If you’re not sure if you want to buy an iPhone 4 or not, there’ll be no shortage of opinions here at GBM and elsewhere starting tomorrow. Sumocat’s expecting a visit from the FedEx guy tomorrow and several GBM/Notebooks.com contributors will be picking up new iPhones on Thursday. We hope to hear your thoughts as well.