iPhone 4S Announced: Faster, New Antenna, Better Camera – Coming Oct 14th

Today at the Let’s Talk iPhone event in California, Apple announced the iPhone 4S.

CEO Tim Cook put an end to months of rumors by unveiling the new iPhone at Apple headquarters. The new iPhone has a larger display, faster processor and a new look.

Apple has combined the faster internals with an updated iOS 5, which the company hopes will deliver an even better iPhone experience to millions of users.

The new iPhone4S is available on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

Apple didn’t change much on the iPhone 4S outside, but inside you’ll find many differences. Here are the iPhone 4S details, pricing and features:

iPhone 4S Video: Showing off features and details of the iPhone 4S from the Apple Keynote.

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Announced: Faster, New Antenna, Better Camera

iPhone 4S Power

The iPhone 4S has a new Apple dual core A5 processor inside. This is the same type of processor as in the iPad 2, but likely is running at a more modest speed to increase battery life.

iPhone 4S performance

The Dual Core A5 Chip Delivers Better Graphics Performance

Apple has yet to confirm the RAM in the device, but we anticipate a bump up to 1GB.

When it comes to performance, the iPhone 4S is said to be 2X faster than the iPhone 4 and offer 7x better graphical performance over the iPhone 4.

Better Camera

Apple has also upgraded the camera on the iPhone 4S with an 8MP camera. Apple is aiming to replace your point and shoot. Combined with the new camera app in iOS 5 and a backside illuminated sensor, this could mean more amazing photos.

iPhone 4S camera

The iPhone 4S camera is 8MP, with 1080P recording and other features.

Apple is also claiming that the iPhone 4S can get to camera faster than the competition.

the iPhone 4S also gets 1080P video and real time video image stabilization and real time temporal noise reduction.

iPhone 4S Battery Life

Apple claims that despite the faster processor, the iPhone 4S has great battery life.

Apple quotes the following numbers;

  • 3G Talk Time – 8 Hours
  • 2G talk time – 14 Hours
  • 3G Browsing – 6 Hours
  • WiFi Browsing – 9 Hours
  • Video – 10 Hours
  • Music – 40 Hours

AirPlay Mirroring

Apple will bring AirPlay Mirroring to your iPhone now. This means you can mirror your iPhone 4S to the Apple TV without wires to give presentations, play games and watch videos. If the apps allow it you can play a game on your HDTV and use your iPhone 4S as the controller. You can also stream Hulu or Netflix to your big screen from your iPhone 4S. This feature will not work on the iPhone 4.

iPhone 4S airplay

AirPlay Will Put yOUr iPhone 4S Screen on the Big Screen

Siri – Voice Assistant

Another iPhone 4S exclusive feature is Siri. This is the long rumored assistant app for the iPhone.

Apple showed off the ability to have Siri find a restaurant for you, send a text and much more. Siri can read your messages and results back to you. Unlike many other systems. Siri uses Artificial Intelligence to deliver, what Apple hopes, is a better user experience.

Siri can set alarms for you and read off text messages to you in the car.

Siri on the iPhone 4S

What Siri can do on the iPhone 4S

New Antenna

Apple has brought a new antenna to the iPhone 4S, which will bring better call quality.

Phil Schiller says, “As you know we revolutionized with these steel bands on the outside of the phone. We’ve done something technically amazing. It can now intelligently switch between the antennas for even better call quality.”

The iPhone 4S is a world phone, so you can take it with you on a global trip.

iPhone 4S Price

The iPhone 4S maintains the same Apple pricing that we have been used to, but includes a new 64GB model.

The iPhone 4S prices are as follows

  • iPhone 4S 16GB – $199
  • iPhone 4S 32GB – $299
  • iPhone 4S 64GB – $399

The iPhone 4 8GB will be available for $99 on a two year contract, and the iPhone 3GS will be available free without a contract.

iPhone 4S Release Date

The iPhone 4S will be available for purchase soon. You will be able to pre order the iPhone 4S online at Apple starting on October 7th, and you will be able to purchase the Phone 4S on October 14th at the Apple Store and at your local Sprint, Verizon and AT&T carrier locations. We also expect availability at Radio Shack, Best Buy and other retail outlets on launch day