iPhone 5 4G HSPA+ Support Confirmed by China Telecom?

We are fairly certain that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 will not include 4G LTE support. There are just too many reasons why Apple would want to opt to wait until next year to release an iPhone with that kind of support. However, there is another 4G option in the form of HSPA+ (21mpbs), and it seems China Telecom’s vice president has confirmed that the next iPhone will indeed have support for it.

The statements were made during this weeks MacWorld Asia and were apparently made by vice president Huan Wenliang, this according to Macotakara.

As you can see in the slide, China Telecom seems to think that the upcoming iPhone 5 will have HSPA+ support which means that AT&T would have a distinct advantage over the other two carriers that should be getting the next iPhone.

iPhone 5

AT&T has an HSPA+ network in place while Sprint and Verizon do not. Sprint has a 4G WiMax network and Verizon’s 4G network is LTE. And while AT&T has labeled its HSPA+ network as 4G, it’s really in between 3G and LTE as far as data speeds are concerned.

The iPhone 5 is expected to be announced at Apple’s ‘talk iPhone’ event that is scheduled to take place on October 4th, with a release date pegged for sometime in the middle part of the month.

Via: MacPost