Apple iPhone 5 Camera Improved…Slightly

Apple’s iPhone 5 features a thinner camera and updated software for improved photo and video capture. The iPhone 5 will also be able to record audio better than its predecessors.

The iPhone 5’s 8MP rear-facing camera has similar specs to the camera found in the iPhone 4S. It has a five-element lens, hybrid IR filter and backside illumination. The aperture comes in at f/2.4.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the new camera and updated software is that Apple’s updated its dynamic low-light mode. Apple didn’t detail this feature during its iPhone 5 presentation today, but we do expect to see sample shortly.

Another nice new feature is that the iPhone 5 can shoot still images while recording video. Until now, iPhone users had to choose between capturing video or stills. Many Android phones already have this feature.


iPhone 5 Camera Sample

With the introduction of iOS 6, iPhone users will finally be able to use Facetime on mobile networks.  Previous iPhones had sub par front-facing cameras. The iPhone 5 comes with a 720p front-facing camera for a better Facetime experience. Of course this camera will also mean iPhone 5 users can take better self portraits and videos.


The iPhone 5 Camera Can Shoot and Stitch Panoramas

The iPhone 5 will be the first iPhone with a baked-in Panorama feature. The camera app can stitch together a series of photos to capture landscapes and other wide scenes. The resulting images are up to 28 megapixel. The iPhone 4S will also get the Panorama feature once users upgrade it to iOS 6.

The iPhone 5 now has three separate microphones, including one on the back of the phone. This is a huge improvement over the iPhone 4S design, which captured audio using the microphone at the bottom of the camera.


iPhone 5 Camera Specifications

The iPhone 5’s camera is an improvement over previous iPhones, but it is still far from being the best in class. Nokia’s 808 Pureview camera boasts a 41 megapixel sensor and is the best smartphone camera available. The Nokia 808 can zoom  The Nokia Lumia 920 has a toned-down Pureview camera that features optical image stabilization.

Smartphone camera quality is increasingly important as more and more people use their phones as their primary cameras. Unfortunately, smartphone cameras generally don’t perform as well as mediocre standalone point-and-shoot cameras. Of course, smartphones are much better for quickly sharing photos and videos on services such as Twitter and Facebook.