iPhone 5 Delays and Shortages Possible Through 2012

If you can’t wait for the iPhone 5, hang on to your seat. Sources have told 9to5Mac that Apple is experiencing issues with at least one production line that could cause a further delay in the launch of a new redesigned iPhone 5 with a teardrop shape and a larger screen.

The delays come weeks ahead of an expected iPhone announcement and release date which could come as early as October 7th.

9to5Mac reports that Apple may announce an iPhone 4 looking model, of which 10 million units will be available for purchase this holiday season, with low prices and the ability to work with pay as you go or post paid plans.

Is this what the iPhone 5 will look like?

The iPhone 5, the one that you really want, may face further delays before it you can purchase it. We saw similar issues when Apple introduced the white iPhone 4, which wasn’t available for purchase for many months due to production issues.

If the iPhone 5 with a larger screen and new design is available, there is a possibility for shortages that would range through 2012.

This possibility gives new meaning to the fact that 66% of our readers would purchase the iPhone 5 before seeing it. If you really want the iPhone 5, and Apple offers a pre-order, you should seriously consider putting your money down.

Speaking of seeing the iPhone 5, 9to5Mac shares,

It is impossibly light, yet much firmer than Samsung Galaxy phones which are backed in plastic.  The camera rivals point and shoot cameras and will be a major marketing point for this device.

Are you getting excited yet? With yesterday’s case leak and new information like this, we might see the iPhone 5 before Apple announces it.