iPhone 5: One Week with Apple’s New iPhone

After enduring a nightmarish pre-order experience thanks to AT&T, I finally received my new iPhone 5 last week which I promptly used to replace my aging iPhone 3GS. And after spending a week with Apple’s new iPhone, I wanted to share my thoughts about the phone that I am now using as my daily driver.

To start, the iPhone 5 blows my iPhone 3GS out of the water. I’m not even sure I needed to say that because of how obvious of a statement that is, but hey, why not. As I’ve said before, the difference is night and day.

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I also finally feel like I made the right choice when I decided to wait for a year off-contract with AT&T instead of buying the iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy S III to replace my iPhone 3GS.

So after spending a full week with my new, current-generation iPhone, I wanted to share my thoughts about Apple’s new iPhone. Here are my observations.


Thus far, I’m impressed with the iPhone 5.

My Favorite Feature

The iPhone 5 comes loaded with plenty of amazing features. A fantastic camera, an A6 processor that zips, a 4-inch display with Retina quality and 16:9 aspect ratio, an HD front-facing camera, and more. However, none of those are what have stood out as a favorite feature.

Connectivity is my favorite iPhone 5 feature and it’s not even close. Having 4G LTE speeds that are comparable to Wi-Fi just about everywhere I go is fantastic. They’re so good, that they almost feel new. Of course, I’ve been using 4G LTE phones since March of 2011 but never on a phone that’s my daily driver.

I should point out that 4G LTE is my favorite feature on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus as well.

However, my AT&T iPhone 5 doesn’t stop there. In addition, I’m able to pull down HSPA+ 4G data speeds when I can’t get a 4G LTE signal. HSPA+ is worse than 4G LTE but much faster than regular 3G.

Having 4G LTE and HSPA+ compatibility, the latter of which doesn’t come with with the Sprint or Verizon versions, essentially means that I’ll never have to deal with 3G data speeds again.

That’s unbeatable for someone like me who is constantly riding BART watching sports clips.

Good Luck, 16GB iPhone 5 Owners

I’ll admit it. I made a huge mistake buying the 16GB iPhone 3GS and an even bigger mistake when I bought the 16GB new iPad. This time around though I came to my senses. I had to delete too many files, spend too much time worrying about space to fail with the iPhone 5.

From the start, I had debated whether I needed 32GB or 64GB of space on my iPhone 5. At the end, 64GB just seemed like overkill so I opted for the 32GB model. And? So far, so good. I have plenty of space and thus far, I’ve filled up about 20GB of the available space.

20GB in a week of using the phone.

I’m so, so, so glad that I did not buy the 16GB model and I wish those of you who did luck. Unless you’re an absolute minimalist, you’re likely going to find yourself deleting videos or apps at some point.

What Issues?

The internet has been up in arms about two iPhone 5 issues in particular. One, scratches to the back of the anodized aluminum on the black iPhone 5 which I have and two, the fact that the iPhone 5 is too lightweight.

First of all, I can’t even believe that people are making the weight of the phone out to be an issue. What would you rather have? A brick? I am a clumsy person, I have huge hands. I haven’t once felt like I was going to toss the phone across the room because of its weight. Get over it.


I haven’t scratched my iPhone 5. Yet.

And two, the scratches. I don’t doubt that it will likely happen but I have already put my iPhone 5 through some abuse, again I’m clumsy, and the back has come out unscathed.

I even have put it in my jeans and comes out completely fine. For me, neither of these are issues.

Well There Is One…

The headphone jack’s new positioning. It’s going to take some getting used to. At this point, I dislike the new positioning on the bottom of the phone though I may come around as time goes on.

Built to Last

One of the things I hated about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was its design. The plastic just felt cheap. The iPhone 5? I can’t say enough about the design of this phone.

While it’s lightweight, it feels durable. I have no doubt that this phone is going to last the full two years of my new contract with AT&T, something that I just couldn’t say about the plastic Galaxy Nexus.

Battery Life

A delight. That’s all I can say about the battery life found on the iPhone 5. It handles 4G LTE extremely well and I’ve been able to consistently get around a half day out of the phone when doing my normal routine which consists of checking email, browsing the web, sending messages to friends, and playing the occasional game.


The iPhone 5’s battery life is impressive.

While battery life of others will differ, after all it’s all about how you use the phone, there is no denying that Apple packed impressive battery life into this thing.


I feel like at this point, the only thing that I dislike about my purchase of a 32GB iPhone 5 on AT&T is the fact that Verizon’s version is unlocked which means I could use it on AT&T or T-Mobile. Other than that, this is the phone that I waited a year for.

4G LTE does not disappoint, the 4-inch screen isn’t too big or too small, the design is fantastic, the camera is probably the best camera I’ve ever encountered on a smartphone and personally, I am really enjoying iOS 6 despite all of the complaints about Apple’s Maps.


Let’s just say that I don’t regret ditching the iPhone 3GS.

I expect this to be my smartphone for the next two years but with a Nexus announcement likely coming later this year, I can’t be certain.

How are you liking your iPhone 5?