iPhone 5S Could Have a Whopping 3 GHz A7 Processor

Apple, which uses its own ARM-based processor design for its mobile smartphones and tablets, may be able to deliver an A7 processor for the iPhone 5S with a 3 GHz clock speed without any compromise to battery life. The chipset will utilize Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s 20 nm architecture to achieve 25 percent less energy consumption while at the same time delivering up to 30 percent better performance than the current processor on the iPhone 5.

News of the processor speed bump was published on Phone Arena

Apple-Gray-Logo-–-HD-Wallpapers3This would represent a huge boost for Apple, which could best the powerhouse Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor that tops out at 2.3 GHz per core. The Snapdragon 800 is a quad-core chipset and it’s unclear if Apple will continue to use a dual-core design from the Apple A6 processor or move to a quad-core CPU architecture for the A7.

Likely, to conserve battery life, Apple may underclock the CPU so that performance won’t be taxing. Even if the company kept performance similar to the A6 CPU, with the same battery the A7 could deliver a much longer battery life for the iPhone 5S.

Though Apple doesn’t like to list specs for its internal components, the more powerful A7 performance thanks to a 20 nm architecture will help iOS 7 run more fluidly on the newer iPhone. With the iOS 7 beta loaded on an iPhone 5 hardware, I’ve noticed that performance lagged at times. Hopefully, with software optimization and better hardware, the iOS 7 will be fluid on an iPhone 5S.

A recent leaked internal photo suggests that Apple would be making a jump to the A7 processor family for the iPhone 5S, rather than utilizing a variant of the A6 chipset.