iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5 Video Delivers Best Look Yet

Ahead of its rumored September 10th launch, we’re getting another glimpse at the rumored gold champagne version of the iPhone 5S next to Apple’s current iPhone 5 in addition to getting a look at how the iPhone 5S compares to the iPhone 5C.

While Apple hasn’t announced an iPhone 5S launch date yet, it’s all but confirmed to be arriving on September 10th, just a few days after the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch on September 4th. It’s there that the company is expected to debut not only a new iPhone 5S but a plastic iPhone 5C as well. And while neither device has been confirmed, we’ve been getting glimpses of them in the wild for weeks.

Yesterday, we shared a video that showed off the iPhone 5S next to the iPhone 5C and now, we’re getting another glimpse at the gold iPhone 5S next to the iPhone 5. The gold iPhone 5S is all but confirmed for arrival as well and it should be joining black and white options on shelves when the device touches down later this year.

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This new video from Tldtoday isn’t exactly the same as previous videos however as it doesn’t just show the back shell of the iPhone 5S next to the iPhone 5. What it also shows are the internal differences between the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S as he has broken down the internals of the iPhone 5 and placed them inside the iPhone 5S’ gold shell.

The device doesn’t work but it does reveal a couple of interesting tidbits including an increase in space for the battery, something that we’ve both seen and heard about in the past. A larger battery has been rumored for the iPhone 5S and it appears that Apple has made logic board changes to accommodate that change and any others that might go on under the hood. Apple’s iPhone 5S is expected to have new processor on board as well, possibly a new A7 chip from Apple.

Another video from iCrackUriDevice offers us a look at what appears to be a gray graphite iPhone 5S next to the iPhone 5C and the gold iPhone 5S. While the gold iPhone 5S is a lock for arrival, the graphite device is still a little flimsy given that we saw the iPhone 5 first emerge in a similar color last year. So while it may look nice, consumers should only expect Apple to release three colors, at least for now.

The iPhone 5S is expected to arrive on September 10th with a host of upgrades including a new processor, better camera with new LED flash which is evident in both videos, and a fingerprint reader.

Apple’s iPhone 5C is expected to join it with a 4-inch Retina display, iOS 7, slim profile, plastic casing, dual-core processor and 8MP camera. Both the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C have been rumored to be coming with September 20th release dates, something that has been reinforced by vacation black out dates at various U.S. carriers.