iPhone 5S Will Come By September, Claims Analyst

The iPhone 5S will arrive in September according to Peter Misek, an analyst with Jeffries who just finished an interview about the new iPhone on Bloomberg TV.

Misek is the second analyst in the past week to point to an iPhone 5S event in September. Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley points to an iPhone 5S launch in September, though it is not clear if either analyst is discussing the launch or the release of the iPhone 5S.

When Bloomberg asked about the iPhone 5S release in June, Misek waved it off, pointing to later in the year.

It typically takes 60-90 days of production before the phone is introduced to retail. And it hasn’t gone into production, yet, so if we assume production starts in June, that would mean the soonest you’d be able to get it would be late August/early September.

But, we don’t think production is going to start until late June/early July and that’s based on 400+ suppliers that we track.

The full interview about the iPhone 5S is below. Misek covers Apple and other tech companies, and weighs in on multiple rumors about the iPhone 5S in this interview.

According to Peter Misek, the iPhone 5S will share a similar design to the iPhone 5, including a 4-inch display. He states, “We think there’s a chance it could still come in multiple colors, a good chance it gets a fingerprint sensor.” and goes on to claim a 12MP camera and a faster processor are all but guaranteed. Misek tells Bloomberg, “changes will be underneath the hood, much like they were with the 4S.”

The iPhone 5S may feature a fingerprint reader.

The iPhone 5S may feature a fingerprint reader.

While the iPhone 5S will compete with the Samsung Galaxy S4, Misek doesn’t see the two as competitors, especially outside of the U.S., stating,

The S4 is a 5-inch screen product, the iPhone 5S is a 4-inch screen product, as best we can tell, and we think, broadly speaking, consumers at least, mainly, outside the U.S. prefer larger screens. So, we actually don’t see the two as all that competitive.

Misek thinks pressure for a larger iPhone will mount, but based on research, Misek thinks Apple is limited to a 4-inch screen until at least June 2014.

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Misek’s iPhone 5S spec and design claims match up with the latest rumors, so there is nothing shocking in that regard, but as production nears analysts and rumors begin to focus on specific features.