New iPhone 6 Screen Concept Resembles Galaxy Note 3

The latest iPhone 6 concept video to arrive comes with a large screen that dwarfs the rumored Galaxy Note 3, offering up an iPhablet for iPhone users that need a bigger screen for mobile productivity.

While the iPhone 5S release date looks good for next month, the iPhone 6 that many users expect in 2014 is the center of a lot of consumer attention. We know a lot about the iPhone 5S, but the iPhone 6 promises a much wider range of possibilities.

Rumors suggest Apple could be ready to deliver an iPhone 6 with a larger screen and with a higher resolution display, making the second screen size jump since the iPhone first arrived. This new iPhone 6 would also reportedly come with a new design, which is another key request from iPhone users.

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In the latest iPhone 6 concept we get a look at what Apple could do for a Galaxy Note 3 competitor. This concept comes from Ran Avni, the talented source of many iPhone 6 concepts, who goes big with this concept.

iPhone 6 Concept Video: Big Screen, Small Size

The iPhone 6 concept video below shows what the iPhone 6 could look like if Apple channels the Galaxy Note 3 or Galaxy Mega screen sizes to deliver a phablet with iOS on board.

iPhone 6 Concept Display

The star of this iPhone 6 concept is the large 6.2-inch display with Full HD resolution, which equals a 319 ppi rating for a Retina+ display. Avni also notes that Sharp would make the iPhone 6 display with IGZO technology. IGZO displays deliver better touch experience and are battery friendly, but are not in a current iPhone.

The iPhone 6 concept features a 6.2-inch Full HD display.

The iPhone 6 concept features a 6.2-inch Full HD display.

Covering this massive display is Gorilla Glass 3, a new tough strengthened glass that can better withstand scratches and drops. Corning announced Gorilla Glass 3 at CES 2013, but Apple doesn’t name the manufacturer of iPhone glass.

iPhone 6 Concept Design & Features

This iPhone 6 concept comes in eight colors, like the rumored iPhone 5C. Thanks to the super-thin bezels the overall size of this iPhone 6 concept looks manageable. We’ve seen Apple use a similar trick to make the iPad mini narrow, and we expect Apple to use the same tech to make an iPad 5 narrower, so seeing it in action on an iPhone wouldn’t be too much of a surprise in 2014.

This iPhone 6 concept comes in eight colors.

This iPhone 6 concept comes in eight colors.

The front of this iPhone 6 concept includes a Fingerprint Sensor and FaceTime camera built-in to the home button area. The iPhone 5S will likely introduce a fingerprint sensor, which could hide in the home button. The sensor and camera would also act as a home button on this concept.

Avni suggests we’ll see iOS 7.1, but odds are a big change like this would deliver an iOS 8 release alongside. He expects an Apple A8X chip with 2.5GB of RAM and storage options of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. This seems a little extreme, but rumors suggest Apple could offer an iPhone 5S with 128GB of storage and new chips top out at 384GB.

Thin bezels help keep an iPhone 6 with a massive display to a manageable size.

Thin bezels help keep an iPhone 6 with a massive display to a manageable size.

From a camera standpoint the rear sensor would jump up to 10MP and the front camera to 3.2MP.

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While we don’t know exactly what to expect from an iPhone 6, there are hints of a larger screen. Tim Cook is wary of the quality of current large, high-resolution screens, but improvements could change his mind.

Analysts suggest Apple needs a larger screen iPhone to make inroads in other markets, and if Samsung can deliver success with the Galaxy Note 3 and a 5.7-inch display it could show Apple that there is a significant marketshare of consumers looking for a large screen phone.

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Reports from China point to an iPhone 6 prototype with a 4.8-inch display back in December 2012, and it is possible that Apple’s Board of Directors already knows of plans for a bigger screen on an iPhone 6.