iPhone 6 Release Date, Rumors & Latest News

Apple is working on a new iPhone for 2014 called the iPhone 6 or iPhone Air, depending on who you ask. After releasing the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in late 2013 as minor updates to the iPhone 5, consumers are already looking towards fall for a new iPhone 6 release to replace aging iPhones.

The iPhone 5s is a fast phone, but it looks just like the iPhone 5 and the screen is small compared to the rest of the best smartphones on the market. Simply put there is a lot of hype from iPhone 6 rumors and a lot of consumer expectation for a new iPhone that delivers the wow factor with a new design, bigger screen and exciting new features.

After a secret Apple document revealed it knows consumers want an iPhone with a bigger screen and a survey showed unprecedented demand for an iPhone 6 with a bigger display and a new design it is pretty clear that a bigger screen is an inevitable iPhone 6 feature.

Apple normally announces a new iPhone X model after an iPhone ‘s’ release, which means 2014 is the year of the iPhone 6. There is a chance Apple might change the name if the new iPhone is thin enough to earn a iPhone Air name, but in the minds of most consumers this is the iPhone 6.

Samsung and HTC did not take a year off, and are already selling their iPhone 6 competitors on all major carriers. The Samsung Galaxy S5 delivers a 5.1-inch display, a dramatically better camera and is water-resistant. The HTC One M8 uses more metal, offers the best sounding smartphone speakers and motion gesture controls. While we may finally see a iPhone with a phablet size display, Samsung isn’t slacking off with plans for a Galaxy Note 4 near an iPhone release date.

iPhone 6 Video Rumor Roundup

Watch our iPhone 6 video below for a rumor roundup of the latest information from leaks. Using two mock-ups you can see what to expect from the iPhone 6 release date and from the device itself.


Latest iPhone 6 News and Rumors

This iPhone 6 guide is a living look at the rumors with constant updates, but you can also find the latest iPhone 6 rumors and news listed below.

This list of the latest iPhone 6 rumors and leaks will update as we publish new information about the new iPhone 2014 update.

What Buyers Can Expect

Until Apple holds an official event there are no confirmed iPhone 6 facts, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a good idea of what iPhone 6 buyers can expect this fall. Thanks to reliable analysts, leaks from trusted sources and our knowledge of the wireless industry and Apple’s history we can share what we expect from a new iPhone, or iPhones, in 2014.

The list below shows the most likely iPhone 6 details based on the most current rumors. This picture of an iPhone 6 will change as new information arrives and will solidify as the iPhone 6 release approaches, but right now this is what to expect.

  • Screen Size – 4.7-inch iPhone and a 5.5-inch iPhone with 1704 x 960 or higher resolution.
  • Release Date – September for the 4.7-inch, 5.5-inch iPhone 6 release later is possible.
  • Design – A new thinner iPhone 6 design with more metal, power button on the right.
  • Specs – Apple A8 processor, 1GB RAM, 8-13MP Camera, Touch ID.
  • Price – Possible price jump of $50 to $100, Expect a higher price for a 5.5-inch iPhone.

For more details on each of these, check out the sections below that go into more detail about the iPhone 6 rumors. If you only need to know the latest information about the iPhone 6, congratulations you know what we expect from Apple in 2014.

iPhone 6 Release Date & Feature Video Roundup

iPhone 6 Release Date Rumors

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iPhone 6 Release Date Rumors

The iPhone 6 release date is September 19th according to Apple's traditional timeline and our best prediction based on current rumors and plans. This may change and there is a chance that we will see two iPhone 6 release dates thanks to a slower start for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6. 

Here's how we get to an iPhone 6 release date on Friday September 19th. 

Re/Code and The Wall Street Journal report Apple's plans to hold an iPhone 6 event on September 9th. 

From this date we can work out that the iPhone 6 release date is roughly a week and a half later, on September 19th. This is the timing Apple used for the last several iPhone releases. 

If Apple decides to offer iPhone 6 pre-orders expect them to go live at midnight Pacific on September 12th, but this is not a given.

The larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 release date may arrive later on the last Friday in September or even in October.

Expect to see Apple Stores and carriers open early on the iPhone 6 release date with lines around the store to get an iPhone 6 right away, even in small towns.  

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