iPhone 6s Screen Scratches Appearing on Early Models

The iPhone 6s is less than a week old, but there’s already some turmoil brewing for the new device, as scratches are appearing on the iPhone 6s’s screen for some users.

The iPhone 6s was announced earlier this month and released last week. The new device keeps the same overall design and look as the iPhone 6, but comes with a few improvements and new features. The iPhone 6s comes with a faster processor, more memory, a much better camera, and a new display technology called 3D Touch.

The new camera can now shoot 12-megapixel photos instead of just 8-megapixel shots, and it can also record 4K video, which has a resolution that’s 4x larger than 1080p HD, making for some highly detailed videos.

Perhaps the biggest feature of the new device is the 3D Touch screen, which allows users to tap to select items and open up apps, but also press harder on the screen to bring up alternative options and other shortcuts to make navigation quicker and easier, similar to left-click and right-click on a mouse.

However, some users aren’t quite having an optimal time with their new smartphones, as some users are reporting that their iPhone 6s screens are scratching fairly easily, even though the display is made of stronger glass this time around.


Tech pundit Robert Scoble reports that his new iPhone 6s Plus “has a scratch on its screen already (actually several scratches),” and believes that it’s way easier to scratch the screen on the iPhone 6s than on previous iPhone models.

We’re not terribly surprised by this, as the iPhone 6 received the same worrisome experiences from new owners, and no matter how strong the glass is on a smartphone, it’s bound to scratch somewhat with the right angle and pressure from a sharp object.

There’s even a YouTube video that goes through different scratch tests on the new iPhone 6s, with regular car keys not doing a whole lot of damage, but a razor blade and sandpaper were a different story. The sandpaper is an interesting scratch test that many users overlook, as it’s really easy to scratch a screen with tiny rocks and sand particles that can make there way into your pocket without you realizing. These can scratch up an iPhone screen fairly easily.

Of course, there are some ways that you can repair surface scratches on your iPhone’s screen if you really want to go that route, since AppleCare likely won’t cover that kind of damage.

Of course, you can’t fix a scratch, but rather mask it so that it’s hidden more. To really fix a scratch on an iPhone screen, you’d have to replace the display, which can be costly.

However, there’s a pretty easy way to hide any scratches on your screen, as well as protecting against any future scratches from occurring.

All you need is a screen protector (which work just fine on the iPhone 6s’s 3D Touch screen). It may seem odd, but the adhesive from the screen protector will actually fill in any scratches and make them nearly invisible. I tried it on my dad’s iPhone a while back and it worked great. The screen was full of scratches, but after installing a screen protector, many of the scratches were hard to see.

If you have the iPhone 6s, it’s best to put a screen protector on it as soon as possible to prevent it from getting scratched up. You may think that you baby your iPhone to prevent it from getting scratches in the first place, but little things that you forget about can wreak havoc on your iPhone’s screen pretty quickly.