Is Madden 15 Ultimate Edition Worth Buying?

The new Madden release includes a special edition for gamers that want a boost in the Madden Ultimate Team mode that normally requires a lot of skill or a good amount of in-app purchases to unlock the best players.

We’ll take a look at the Madden 15 Ultimate Team mode, what gamers get with the $69.99 Madden 15 Ultimate edition and help you figure out if it is worth buying, or at least pre-ordering.

The Madden 15 release includes a normal version of the game for $59.99 with $10 in bonus content. For $10 more shoppers get the Madden 15 Ultimate edition with $40 to $50 in extra Madden Ultimate Team content.

Ultimate Team is the new Franchise mode from EA, which allows users to basically play through Fantasy Football with their own team in the Madden 15 game.

Is Madden 15 Ultimate edition worth buying?

Is Madden 15 Ultimate edition worth buying?

Introduced last year, EA offers an overhaul of Madden 15 Ultimate Team to address many complaints and it looks like the Madden 15 Ultimate Team edition or Madden 15 Ultimate edition is part of this upgrade.

While playing Madden Ultimate Team on last year’s version many gamers found a need to spend money on Pro Packs that open access to better teams, but for $10 you don’t get that many cards. EA is doing all it can to turn Madden 15 into more than just a single purchase and it wants to offer gamers access to more Madden Ultimate Team players and get them in the habit of buying pro packs to build their Madden 15 Ultimate Team.

According to the Madden 15 pre-order page the Madden 15 Ultimate edition includes $40 in added value, and a banner that advertises the new Madden release inside of Madden 25 Ultimate Team mode on Xbox One promises $50 in value. So what does this actually offer?

EA delivers new Madden 15 Ultimate team features and options.

EA delivers new Madden 15 Ultimate team features and options.

In addition to the Madden 15 game, users get the following bonuses by spending $10 more up front;

  • 30 Madden 15 Ultimate Team Pro Packs
  • Draft Class Pick of one of the top 10

The only catch to this offer is you won’t get 30 Madden 15 Ultimate Team pro packs right at release. You’ll gain 3 new Madden Ultimate Team pro packs each week for 10 weeks. The Draft class pack is separate of this staggered release.

The Madden 15 special edition is available on all consoles and can be purchases digitally or on disc. If you buy digitally as part of EA Access you can save 10% and play Madden 15 early.

If you were to purchase 30 Madden Ultimate Team Pro Packs on Madden 25 you would spend $40 on an in-app purchase. With this Ultimate edition you get that for $10 and you get a draft pick. With these added items you gain a better team off the bat. Users can earn coins as they play the game and gain better teams and cards through that means, but without spending money or investing significant time in playing with a poor team the progress is slow. Madden Ultimate Team is very popular with users, delivering $380 million to EA during the last fiscal year.

After spending $8 and playing countless games, our Madden Ultimate Team is still only a 81, nearly a year after release. If you experience similar slow progress, spending $10 for a team that can actually catch a ball and protect the quarterback may be worth it. The Miami Dolphins would certainly spend that $10 if they could.

If you plan to play the Madden 15 Ultimate Team and think you will spend any money on the pro packs in the game, it makes sense to buy the Madden 15 Ultimate Team edition. There is no trick to the process, and as much as you might hate spending another $10 on a video game, if you would already spend it after crushing defeats it is better to buy the Madden 15 Ultimate edition up front and get $40 in extras for $10.