Is the iPad a Guy Thing? One Woman Thinks So

Apple may have used its clout to get Ellen DeGeneres to apologize for her spoof of the iPad. News of that caused a bit of a stir earlier this week. But somehow I think Ellen got the best of the deal and another good dig in at Apple for saying they wanted her to apologize. Of course this came after just about every comedian in the game has come up with some sort of iPad slapdown (or lickdown). But most, if not all, of those I’ve seen have been male comedians. Curious that Apple didn’t go after the Colbert’s, the Letterman’s and the Stewart’s out there. (Again, I think Ellen got the best of Apple here.)

All of that said, there’s at least one woman reviewer of the iPad who isn’t too thrilled with the device and I doubt Apple will ask her to do much apologizing. Irene Macabante actually takes on the device form a woman’s point of view, and well, finds it lacking on a number of fronts. One section is sub-headed A Woman + an iPad: an unlikely couple. It’s tough to refute her arguments, beyond the usual axiom that not every device is for every person.

So, I’m curious. Is the iPad a guy thing? Any ladies out there care to comment and let us know their thoughts either before or after reading Macabante’s review?