Jason Calcanis sneak peak at the Apple Tablet tweeted

AppleLogoJason Calcanis, the founder of Weblogs, Inc, TechCrunch50, reporter for Engadget, etc et al , has had a secret for the last 10 days, and finally has decided to tell the world via twitter.

The man has had an Apple Tablet as a beta tester!!!  Ok, everyone to his house, quick!

We have made mention of some of his observations regarding the new device (battery life, etc), but here is all of his observations– twitter-style:

  • Yes, apple tablet is oled + back has solar pad for recharging, but it really doesn’t work quickly. More a gimmic. Verizon+att,wifi yes! about 1 hour ago from UberTwitter
  • Apple Tablet has thumbpads on each side for mouse guestures, reads fingerprint for security. Up to 5 profiles by finerprint for family. about 1 hour ago from UberTwitter
  • Yes, there are 2 cameras: one in front and one in back (or it may be one with some double lens) so you record yourself and in front of u. about 2 hours ago from UberTwitter
  • Well @joshgrenon, I can tell u the battery life is great in ebook reading mode but not great when on wifi or playing games. 2-3hrs about 2 hours ago from UberTwitter in reply to joshgrenon
  • Yes @HappyDrew, the apple tablet is running an iphone os flavor with ability to have multiple apps running at same time (ie pandora, browser about 2 hours ago from UberTwitterin reply to HappyDrew
  • Ok, I will take two questions about the new apple tablet which I have right here. Go ahead… My nda is basically over. :) about 2 hours ago from UberTwitter
  • The price will be 599, 699 and 799 depending on size and memory in apple tablet. Also, wireless keyboard + monitor connection for tv about 2 hours ago from HootSuite
  • Also, the apple tablet is really amazing for newspapers. Video conferencing is super stable, but nothing new. about 2 hours ago from HootSuite
  • The best part ofthe apple tablet as beta user has been the built in HDTV tuner and pvr, and the chess game. about 2 hours ago from HootSuite
  • Note to press: No, not going to break my NDA w/ Apple/steve so u can get jump on announcement. It is the most *amazing* device ever
  • And that is all we have so far!  Time to see what the event at 10AM PST REALLY has to say about the new Apple tablet.  Thanks Jason for the heads up!  The rabid Apple fans really do appreciate it!

    UPDATE: As you can tell, he got 90% of this wrong.  This is what happens when someone tries to capitalize on the hype and get themselves noticed.