Big Brother Is Knocking and It’s Amazon at the Door

I have to say, this move by Amazon has me a bit concerned.

It turns out that the publisher of George Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984 (yes, of all books) decided that they didn’t want to have an electronic edition of their book being made available any longer to Kindle users. So, Amazon wirelessly deleted that book from all Kindles that had previously purchased it and refunded the money to the owner. That’s right – it removed something owners had previously purchased and took it from them.

You know that  Tablet PC you bought just six months ago? What if XYZ oem decided that it was a mistake to make that model, they came to your office in the middle of the night, took it, and wirelessly refunded the money to your bank – all without telling you that they were going to do it.  All they left you was this note: “We’re sorry, we made a mistake by selling this to you and we’re taking it back. That’s right, we are revoking your ownership of said Tablet PC. You’re just out of luck. We don’t think it will happen again, but you never know…”  That’s exactly what Amazon did and it wreaks of Big Brother.

If Amazon keeps up this practice, I’m going to have to seriously reconsider Amazon’s e-Book / Kindle business.

Here is Amazon’s statement:

The Kindle edition books Animal Farm by George Orwell. Published by MobileReference (mobi) & Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) by George Orwell. Published by MobileReference (mobi) were removed from the Kindle store and are no longer available for purchase. When this occured, your purchases were automatically refunded. You can still locate the books in the Kindle store, but each has a status of not yet available. Although a rarity, publishers can decide to pull their content from the Kindle store.

Excuse me while I go hide all of my “real books” that I purchased from Amazon. I don’t want them disappearing on me…

via NY Times

UPDATE: It appears that the publisher who sold the copies of Orwell’s books didn’t have the rights to distribute them. According to at least one Kindle owner, the digital 1984 appeared to have been a scanned copy of a paperback. Amazon stated that it would not delete users’ copies of illegally uploaded books in the future. You can read more about the circumstances from the NY Times.