Lenovo: You’re Going to Want Windows 7

Lenovo’s Matt Kohut is really enjoying Windows 7, and he thinks you will, too. He’s noticed that Microsoft has improved so many utilities in Windows 7, the value proposition of various ThinkVantage utilities has him asking the following question:

Yet, our dilemma is clear — at what point does Windows offer ““good enough” functionality that we should abandon our own tools and focus on something else?  Speaking from personal experience, I am wondering if I am going to install Access Connections when I start to use Windows 7. Windows leaps forward in its control of all types of connections, including 3G/cellular connections ,and I’ve found that 90% of the functionality I need is built in.

Matt then poses the following question to all of us mobile users and wants to hear what we think:

If you were in charge of our software development team and had to prioritize funding for our ThinkVantage tools and secondary utilities, which ones would you keep? Which ones would you drop?  Which of our tools are ““almost there,” but need another feature or two in order to make them a ““killer app” for you?

What say you?