Link phone numbers to Google Voice in Firefox

GoogleVoiceLogoSo I was looking up a phone number on the web today. Because I have Skype installed with the plug-in for Firefox, the number, once I found it, automatically linked to Skype, allowing me to call the number through Skype with one click. Very useful if I used Skype for calling out to standard numbers, but I don’t.

For me, it would be more useful if I could click on a phone number and call out through Google Voice, connecting my call through my phone of choice. I found a Firefox add-on that does just that on website That Smith.

Google Voice Add-on for Firefox has been around since March. Seems very straightforward. Click on a phone number (or number formatted like a phone number) and you’ll be asked if you want to call that number through Google Voice. Through its icon in the status bar, which shows your GV number, there are options to connect calls and send texts directly, as well as adjusting settings.

Worked great the few times I’ve tested it. The usual delay when calling out through GV from your browser is still there. Under some circumstances, it would be faster to dial out directly from your phone, but nine times out of ten, clicking a link and then “OK” before reaching for my phone saves time.