Madden 15 Ultimate Edition Problems: Missing Pro Packs

EA didn’t make it out of the Madden 15 release date without a few late hits. This time gamers are running into Madden 15 Ultimate Edition problems that prevents players from redeeming the Madden 15 Ultimate Edition code or from collecting and using the Madden 15 Pro Packs that come with the special edition of Madden.

The Madden 15 Ultimate Edition problem does not impact all players and it appears to be limited to the Xbox at this time.

While you may be able to redeem the Madden 15 Ultimate Edition code using the QR code or the entering the 25 character code, the three Madden Ultimate Team Pro Packs will not show up in your Ultimate Team screen so that you can open them and add the players and collectibles to your Ultimate Team.

Madden 15 Ultimate Edition problems lead to missing MUT Pro Packs that users already paid for.

Madden 15 Ultimate Edition problems lead to missing MUT Pro Packs that users already paid for.

You’ll know if you are effected by this if you only see a NFL Draft Pack and not three other Madden Ultimate Team Pro Packs that should unlock right away as part of the $40 value included in the Madden 15 Ultimate Edition that EA charged $10 more for.

Another scenario includes seeing all of the Pro Packs, but they will disappear after you open the Draft pack or attempt to open the pack.

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Our Madden 15 Ultimate Edition problems mirror the first scenario, leaving us short three Pro Packs that we paid extra for. The bonus Pro Packs from pre-ordering at Best Buy appeared, as did Gatorade packs from completing the Skills Trainer, but overall we are short packs that we paid for.

The good news is that EA is aware of the problem and is working on a fix. The EA Madden 15 support page addresses the Madden 15 Ultimate Edition problems including code redemption with the following message.

We’re aware of an issue some Xbox players are experiencing when redeeming their Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Edition code. Our team is investigating this issue and working on a resolution as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience and please stay tuned for updates.

There is no specific time for the resolution, but at least you know that this Madden 15 Ultimate Edition problem with codes and pro packs isn’t going to leave you short for the long haul.

The Madden 15 release date arrived today on Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360 with a standard edition for $60 an the special Madden 15 Ultimate Edition for $70. The special edition of Madden includes a QR code or 25 character code that players can redeem for 30 MUT Pro Packs.

Overall the Madden 15 Ultimate Edition is worth buying if you play the Madden Ultimate Team mode and it is clear that EA is working on a fix to deliver what they promised to gamers, it’s just not happening on the Madden 15 release date.

Players are supposed to receive three of them today, and the rest over the next several weeks, to help build up their ultimate team. There are many upgrades to Ultimate Team in Madden 15 that make the mode easier to manage and use.