Mary Jo Explains Microsoft’s Mobile OS Roadmap

Trying to figure out what is what at Microsoft is sometimes nigh on near impossible. That’s certainly been true when it comes to figuring out where things are going on the mobile front, where Microsoft is decidedly behind the curve at the moment. Mary Jo Foley takes a look at how all the pieces fit together, using the different Mobile OS SKUs as her base point, and lays out a readable picture.

This analysis comes after Microsoft has brought Windows Embedded Handheld to the market that is running the just announced Motorola ES400 enterprise digital assistant (EDA). No, that’s not a Tablet or a slate. That’s an enterprise bound handheld used for ruggedized computers that run customized business applications like RFID readers and the like. That’s different from Windows Embedded Compact 7, that many think might appear on possible Tablets and slates in the future, which is different than Windows 7. So, you can see the need for some clarification.

In any regard, Mary Jo’s article lays it out pretty succinctly if you want to get some perspective on what’s what at the moment, as well as what might be.  Keep in mind that the enterprise biz for Microsoft is a major driver when it comes to decision making in Redmond and that affects not only that segment of the business but all segments down the line.