Matt Miller: Can Apple Makes Tablets Viable?

Continuing today’s apparent  theme of “how to revitalize the Tablet PC market,” Matthew Miller, The Mobile Gadgeteer, draws on his experience with Tablet PCs to explain how Apple can do for tablet devices what the iPhone did for smartphones. The focus is on Apple, responding to today’s rumor of their inevitable tablet, but the theme is  quite familiar:

If Apple can launch a tablet form factor device for $800, people may find a way to afford it. Apple is going to have to ““tell the story” (something my buddy Michael Gartenberg likes to say) of why and how this tablet device can improve your life and be an enjoyable product.

The message is, as I heard recently  on a rerun of “Cold Case,” people need a narrative. It’s not enough to say the device can do X, Y, and Z. The message needs to be, you  can do X, Y, and Z and  show us  someone doing it.  It doesn’t quite mirror Michael Gartenberg’s commentary today (though his mention of  MG shows me they’re on the same track), but  I think it builds on those points previously  presented. This type of storytelling is one of Apple’s great strengths, so if and when they introduce a tablet, we can expect this in their marketing.  But when can we expect the same for Tablet PCs?