Maybe There Is No Need for an Apple Netbook

mini9_hackintosh_8 Why should Apple make a Netbook? There doesn’t really seem to be a need. Apparently going the Hackintosh route is providing the same thing, just without any money flowing Cupertino’s way. And then again, Mr.. Jobs has said that they can’t make one for the price point that would cut his vision of mustard.

It seems like the Hackintosh methods (in violation of EULA’s) is filling the void that Apple wants to leave open. Just today we’ve seen posts about a Dell Mini 9 running OSX successfully on Gizmodo , accompanied by a how to. We’ve also seen a post about doing the same thing with HP Mini 1000 from the Gadgeteer (link via jkOnTheRun). 

But then again, if Apple decides to play in the Netbook space, they may be too late unless the lawyers beat the hardware makers to the punch. Why purchase an Apple made Netbook, when you can do it yourself for probably less of a price? Jobs’ words may prove to be more prophetic than he realized.